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Oh God

The game being featured in today's challenge is the classic action game starring a mustachioed hero, Karnov. It turns out that God isn't pleased with how things are going on Earth so he decides to send a hulking sinner to handle the clean-up. Arino will have 9 stages to work his way through as the eponymous hero in order to see the ending and regain his freedom from God.

The United States Of Odaiba event was held again this year and like previous years there was a live stage challenge. This year Arino was challenging a game that had recently been featured on the show and he did his utmost to send the crowd home happy.

In the final instalment of The Living National Famicom Treasure, Arino is asked about Great Detective Tsurube. It just so happens that Great Detective Tsurube is about a subject that Arino is intimately familiar with, the world of comedy.

  • Translated by: Kakaricho
  • Subbed by: Abunai
  • Proofed by: Anonymous