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Arino's Got Flow

It's not every day that we see a Playstation challenge but only something truly special would be worthy of the 150th episode's challenge. That something special is the rhythm masterpiece, PaRappa The Rapper. Arino's rhythm and rhyme will truly be put to the test in this anthropomorphic music classic.

When Arino isn't busy laying down hot beats he likes to relax and visit arcades and so he decides to do just that in Toy Park Masamiya. Primarily a store stocking a lot of retro toys they also have a few arcade machines including, would you believe, Metal Slug.

The two titles duking it out in Barcode Gambler this time are both giants of the historical simulation genre. In the red corner there is Nobunaga's Ambition and in the blue corner is the much cooler sounding Black: Romance Of The Three Kingdoms.

  • Translated by: zari-gani
  • Timing by: Gutcruncher