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The Artist Formally Known As Arino

If there's anything that Arino is known for besides his gaming skills, it's his rhythm. And that is exactly what will be challenged when he goes up against Un Jammer Lammy. Following up from the cult classic PaRappa the Rapper, Un Jammer Lammy sees our hero Lammy running late to a concert that could be her big break. It will be up to Arino to rock out by any means necessary and make sure Lammy makes it on time.

Arino's modestly sized ice-cream gives as hint as to what is being announced in the latest ice-cream news break.

2-player without honor or humanity tackles one of the quintessential 2-player games in the form of the original Mario Bros. This time, Arino will face off against Itou in an attempt to prevent him from clearing phase 4.

  • Translated by: zari-gani
  • Timing by: Random Stranger
  • Proofed by: hirayuki