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Like A Toad In A Blender

We all knew that a game with as many tricks as Battletoads couldn't be bested in a single episode and so the challenge speeds into part 2. When last we left Arino he was entangled with snakes but his troubles with them will seem like child's play compared to what awaits him. Will Arino beat this challenge by the skin of his teeth or will Battletoads chew him up and spit him out?

If the challenge didn't contain enough frustration then Project CX certainly will when Nintendo's R.O.B. finally makes an appearance. This toy, that assisted you in playing one of two games by acting as a second player, was notoriously finicky and as Arino illustrates, perhaps not worth the effort.

Plus, when Arino tries to catch an ice cream break Kan informs him that the show has a special birthday treat planned for him.

  • Translated by: zari-gani