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There's Nothing More Terrifying Than A Time Limit

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Sega Saturn, Arino takes on one of the systems quintessential games, D. In Kenji Eno's horror classic, Arino will guide the heroine Laura on her search for answers to her family's bloody past.

In today's TameGe, Arino is north of Tokyo in Ageo, Saitama checking out a game center with some unique titles. The game center features some original prize games as well as one machine that is too hot for TV. And to finish things off, Arino heads to the well stocked vending machine corner.

On GameCenter MSX, Arino checks out the very unique math based platformer Balance as well as Heavy Boxing before deciding on how the MSX got its name.

  • Work by: GooseCanyon
  • Translated by: Phosphorescent Skeleton
  • Proofed by: Kuishinbou
  • Subtitles by: Clov
  • Special thanks to: Bean