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That New Car Smell

Evidentially setting the difficulty to expert wasn't a great idea as Arino's standard challenge of F-Zero enters its second lap. Arino will hope he can keep a certain elderly driver at bay as he races towards the finish line.

A stationary store loved by children and even immortalised in a song will be the venue for today's TamaGe. The store has a few games outside including not one but two Metal Slug games, one of which Arino and AD Katayama play together. Inside the store, AD Takahashi just can't walk away from the opportunity to win a poster of his favorite AKB48 member.

Ms. Nishiyama is slightly confused by an infamous scene from Dragon Quest 3 during Retro Read Aloud. Luckily Arino is there to set her straight.

  • Translated by: SA-GCCX