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Hail To The King

Arino is back on track as he tackles the Nintendo 64 classic, F-Zero X. If he wants to be considered a real champion, Arino will have to make his way through the ranks and finish top when it matters most in this futuristic, adrenaline filled racer.

Arino is in a quiet corner of Tokyo for today's candy store focused TamaGe. There are many familiar games to be found inside, and even though the old woman running the place hasn't met Arino before, there's a sense of familiarity about her too.

On this Quiz Famionaire, Arino will need to have a sharp ear as he gradually tries to move closer to the top prize.

  • Work by: GooseCanyon
  • Translated by: Phosphorescent Skeleton
  • Proofed by: Kuishinbou
  • Subtitles by: Clov
  • Special thanks to: Bean