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Where's Dhalsim When You Need Him?

It's time for the console that towers above all the rest when AD Nakayama presents Arino with a Neo Geo and a copy of Fatal Fury Special for today's challenge. Arino has had a poor history with the fighting genre before but maybe a change a system is all that he really needed.

Warehouse Kawasaki is the venue for this episode's TamaGe and it may be the strangest of them all, on the outside at least. Encased inside a rusted windowless tower that looks like something from a horror game Arino finds plenty of arcade games, both old and new.

With Retro Game Challenge 2 complete at last, Arino can sit down to enjoy the finished product in this final instalment of Project: Game Version 2.

  • Translated by: SA-GCCX & Clover