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Arino Takes Hollywood By Storm

Many dreamt. Few believed. But they delivered. It's time for Game Center CX In The USA! And since there's just about nothing more American than a road trip the staff of Game Center CX will hit the highway as they travel from San Francisco to Los Angeles where a legion of adoring fans await them... they hope.

If all the excitement of a trip to the USA wasn't enough, there's still the matter of Arino's challenge. To keep with the theme Arino will be taking on the role of one of America's favorite pulp culture icons, Robocop. It's an American movie classic by way of a Japan in this blockbuster of a challenge.

Arino's journey begins in San Francisco with a visit to Musée Mécanique, a unique location that's part museum and part arcade. While Arino has fun with the more traditional video games it's the variety of mechanical oddities, especially End Of The Trail, that really blow his socks off.

After filling up with crab at the wharf the staff head into the city to check out South Town Arcade, a hot bed for competitive fighting game action. Spotting a local on Super Street Fighter IV Arino just has to know if his fabled Yoga Fire technique holds up as well in the west as it does back home.

The next stop is at a game store in the suburbs where Arino finally gets his hands on this NES he's heard so much about. Once the staff is done blowing into cartridges they end their visit to San Francisco with a hearty steak dinner.

Now on to the main course of the trip, the fan event in Los Angeles. Held at a shopping mall arcade, Arino has expectations of a modest 50 person attendance but the event will blow both the expectations of the show's staff and the show's fans, completely away.

  • Translated by: SA-GCCX
  • Art by: zari-gani