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A Bone Chilling Tale From The Far North

As a hint of things to come, Arino challenges Yuji Horii's Hokkaido Serial Murders. Horii, who would go on to create the Dragon Quest series, imbued this adventure classic with a strong story and sense of atmosphere and it's up to Arino to crack the case.

In the latest piece of Game Center CX news we get a report from another Fuji TV public event. The staff were all there to promote the new 24 Hour Challenge DVD and Arino even took on members of the public in Super Puyo Puyo.

It's the segment everyone is talking about, Shocking Videos: MAX. This time Arino diverts his eyes from shocking moments in Super Arabian, Adventure Of Xandra, Faxanadu and City Connection.

  • Translated by: SA-GCCX