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A Nightmare In Dream Land

Kirby's Adventure, the NES sequel to the Game Boy exclusive Kirby's Dream Land, is Arino's latest challenge. The sequel truly defined what a Kirby game was when it introduced the ability to take on the attributes of swallowed enemies and Arino will have to make full use of this power if he hopes to prevent Dream Land from slipping into a never-ending nightmare.

The latest TamaGe tip-off sets Arino's sights on Okawa Store, a candy store adored by children for more than 50 years. While the store has a couple of very cheap arcade machines outside, the goods inside are the main attraction. When Arino is done flicking through some nostalgic sticker cards he sits down to indulge in some monjayaki with Nakayama.

The strategy guide for Solomon's Key gives guidance on keeping ones hopes and dreams alive in Everything Important In Life, I Learned From Video Game Guides.

  • Translated by: Clover