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These Boss Names Are Starting To Get A Little Labored

With the record against this series leaning slightly in his favor, Arino takes on its fourth instalment, Mega Man 4. While this entry is not known for introducing too many innovative features to the franchise it did make once major addition, the ability to charge up your mega buster shots, which Arino must make heavy use of if he wants to see the ending.

On a cold and miserable day the best way to warm one's soul is with an arcade visit and so Arino will be visiting the Chiba North Skyland recreation center. The activities that are offered include a batting center, indoor fishing, mini-bikes and games which are all sure to keep Arino warm as he waits out the weather.

Tojima and Arino will attempt to catch up in today's To Catch A Catch Copy by identifying an international game, a game that's sure to make you cry and a game that's suitable for everyone.

  • Translated by: zari-gani