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The Puzzle Chief Flips Out

The last challenge of season 8 has a subtle connection to the last episode of the first season. It was then that Arino met Satoshi Tajiri, the creator of the Pokémon series who also created the quirky puzzle game featured in today's challenge, Mendal Palace.

It wouldn't be a season finale without a TamaGe and so Arino obliges by paying a visit to Fukushima Toys. Arino checks out a couple of sun faded arcade machines before perusing the shelves of forgotten pop culture items in store.

In the epic conclusion to the Ring Ring Tactics saga Arino must finish the sixth stage of Championship Lode Runner with the help of a kid named Tatsuya.

After the release of Retro Game Challenge Arino decides it's time he checks up on the progress each of the staff members has made in the game. The most accomplished person may surprise you (but probably won't).

The Xevious Observation Diary is about to have its plug pulled until AD Tsuruoka steps in to save it, allowing the segment to at least live long enough to see the dawn of another season.

  • Translated by: Nagoyan
  • Proofed by: Hirayuki