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The Home Stretch

Arino is racing towards the finish line in the pulse pounding conclusion to his Metro-Cross challenge. There is no let up after reaching the half way point in the game as the strange obstacles continue to pile on. Perhaps a little role-playing will give him the final push he needs towards the goal.

Not only has Metro-Cross stretched into a second part but so has the TamaGe visit to the Toshimaen amusement park. First up Arino tries out a cooking game with a unique input device before he takes on Abe's daughter Amane in Mario Kart and Final Furlong.

Two very fitting competitors have stepped into the ring for the latest round of Barcode Gambler. In the red corner is the incumbent, Street Fighter 2 while in the black corner is the up and comer Virtua Fighter.

  • Translated by: kakaricho
  • Timing by: Random Stranger
  • Proofed by: Hirayuki