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Comfort Food

On a chilly summer day an event was held in Akihabara to celebrate the release of the 6th DVD set. It proved to be yet another popular event with fans given the chance to win a new year's card from Arino and even a Game Center CX stock certificate if they collected enough stamps from the show's staff.

When Arino goes in search of the latest hidden TamaGe gem he's soon distracted by premium food before being stumped by a sweets shop. After finally reaching the Space Invaders clone he was searching for, Arino's game time is interrupted by AD Watanabe and her healthy appetite.

Arino will only be looking at three games in his A Waste Of Color class today. First is It's A Wooden Hammer! It's A Quiz! It's Hammerin' Harry!, a quiz spin-off of the Irem action game. Then Arino gets a double dose of sports from Tonkin House with Dodge Boy and Seaside Volleyball.

For the challenge please buy the Retro Game Master DVD box set.

  • Translated by: zari-gani
  • Timing by: Random Stranger
  • Edited by: univbee