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“We Learn From Failure, Not From Success!” - Bram Stoker

The similarities between Prince Of Persia and Nosferatu don't end with the gameplay and both of their challenges have entered a second day. Back in 2005 Arino was eventually able to lead his Prince to victory but he'll soon find out that the later stages of Dracula's castle pose a far greater obstacle to overcome.

For today's TamaGe outing Arino is headed to a huge amusement center that's filled with video games and other assorted activities. Obviously his first instinct is to try out the video games before showing off his physical prowess, culminating in a show of strength against the show's crew.

In a spot of GCCX News we get to see footage from a number of early screenings of Game Center CX: The Movie as well as some new footage from the third instalment of the Retro Game Challenge series.

In what will be the final instalment of the SG-1000 party, Arino and Kibe sign off with a look at Wonder Boy, Champion Billiards and the Sherlock Holmes adventure game, Portrait Of Loretta.

  • Translated by: zari-gani
  • Proofed by: Kakaricho