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Bon Appetit

The challenge being served up today is in Oishinbo: The Ultimate Menu Three-Course Showdown. Arino will have to draw on all of his culinary expertise in order to craft the ultimate menu and please a set of notoriously picky food critics. That's if he can manage to stay on the right side of the law for long enough.

In the lead up to the release of Game Center CX: The Movie we're given a brief behind the scenes look at some of the special cameos we can expect to see including famous game creators and the show's staff.

Celebrations of the SG-1000's 30th anniversary continue with a look at three games made for the card catcher accessory. They are the unfortunately named Dragon Wang, the space shooter Zoom 909 and the puzzle action game Dokidoki Penguin Land.

The launch event for the 10th DVD box set was held late last year and dedicated fans were treated to another stamp rally. They were also given the opportunity to try out a demo of the new game before it hits store shelves.

  • Translated by: zari-gani
  • Timing by: Random Stranger
  • Proofed by: hirayuki
  • Encoded by: univbee