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It's Not The Heat, This Is Really Happening

The first game to be challenged in season 14 is the bewildering Paris-Dakar Rally Special. While the title might suggest that this is a straight forward racing game it actually contains a series of strange stages that just happen to contain a car, and that's after the ordeal you have to go through to even get a vehicle.

In a short piece of Game Center CX news we get the annual report from the Tokyo Game Show where Arino was a presenter at an awards ceremony and also made his regular appearance at the merchandise booth.

To Catch A Catch Copy is the new segment for the season and this time it is a competition between Tojima, Nakayama and Arino. They have a pile of games in front of them and when read the game's tagline have to be the first to match it to the correct game. The first taglines speak of dreamy adventure, dramatic action and new fun.

  • Translated by: zari-gani