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A Hirsute Hero

Today Arino will be challenging Rocky Rodent which marries two of his favourite topics, hair care and organised crime. Apparently the Mafia has kidnapped a girl and with the incentive of free food as a reward, Arino is on the case.

During this week's TamaGe outing Arino will be visiting Ichise Market with the promise of meeting the famous Mr. Tora. After checking out a few of the games, including a rare appearance by Metal Slug, Arino discovers Mr. Tora along with a bevy of other famous faces.

Celebrations of the SG-1000's 30th anniversary continue as Kibe and Arino check out 3 more hot hits from the system's library. Which of Congo Bongo, Yamato or Star Jacker leave the biggest impression on Arino?

In Project: Game Version 3 we get a run-down of the videos that will be included on the DVD that comes with limited edition of the upcoming game. We also get a glimpse of the filming of one of these videos, namely Arino's challenge of Retro Game Challenge 2.

  • Translated by: zari-gani
  • Proofed by: Hirayuki
  • Encoded by: univbee