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The Wholesome Story Of A Little Boy's Journey Through Hell

Arino hopes to end the season on a high but it won't be easy as he has to take on the difficult platformer, Shadow Land. Arino will do his best to lead the mischievous Tarosuke through hell itself to the world of the living.

For the final arcade visit of the season Arino travels to a little grocery store with a number of outdoor arcade and prize games. Arino will be hoping he can clean up on the prize games so he can win some tokens to spend inside and have enough spare time to squeeze in a little Metal Slug.

And for the finale of The Aces Of Hardware Won't Appear the interestingly named Pyuuta from Tomy is shown off in all of its glory.This computer may have misrepresented its power but it did have a couple of neat action games including a port of Scramble.

  • Translated by: SA-GCCX