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Sasano's Old Stomping Ground

Former AD Sasano informs Arino of a great arcade that features over 200 classic arcade games in this university town set TamaGe. Though he's spoilt for choice, Arino tries hitting a home run before taking on Tanii in an unfair game of Space Wars.

Arino tries to beat the ladder filled stage 3 of Championship Lode Runner in Ring Ring Tactics. Unable to do it himself he turns to a viewer who suggests using a fake-out technique to get the better of the robots.

In a one off segment Abe, Arino, Kibe and director Fujimoto discuss what game should be challenged during the upcoming Christmas live challenge. Will it be Quest Of Ki? Another Mario game perhaps? Most importantly of all, will Abe cook anything?

For the challenge please buy the Retro Game Master DVD box set.

  • Translated by: SA-GCCX