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Can Arino Master The 3rd Dimension?

Arino had enough trouble with Mario when he was only 2D so let's see how he fares with an extra dimension in Super Mario 64. He'll have to conquer the highest mountains, ice cold tundra and searing heat on his quest to collect the required number of stars to face Bowser and save the princess.

It's a bit of a special TamaGe this week as Kibe and Arino compete to get the best deal on games with only 5000 yen to spend. They both stretch their budgets a little to pick up a couple of games and Tojima makes a sudden appearance with the required gear for them to test out their purchases.

The finale of Secret Jet Stream has a request for a steamy little number from the typically very serious Hokkaido Serial Murders.

  • Translated by: SA-GCCX