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Unsolved Mysteries

Another classic is on the cards today as Arino tackles Nintendo's The Mysterious Murasame Castle. While the game only consists of 5 stages, it is known for its high level of difficulty that requires fast twitch responses, two things that will surely suit Arino.

Arino takes a step back in time in an old shopping street in Meguro for this episode's TamaGe. After snacking Arino hits a local toy store where he enjoys some old favorites before torturing Takahashi once again.

Arino and Kibe sit down to enjoy what is the final rendition of GameCenter MSX. They will go out swinging with their most expensive title Zanac and MSX Baseball.

  • Translated by: Phosphorescent Skeleton
  • Proofed by: Kuishinbou
  • Subtitles by: Clov
  • Special Thanks to: Bean