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Death By A Thousand Spikes

The setting for today's challenge is Bandai Namco HQ where Arino is quickly whisked away to a conference room where he'll have to contend with a towering game that will go down in show history, The Quest Of Ki.

The Namco theme continues by following the progress of the Namco published Retro Game Challenge in Project: Game Version. In the final instalment of this segment for the season Arino plays a couple of games within the game some of which are still being kept under wraps.

For the final Game & Watch: I Can't Leave You Alone Arino is presented with the extremely expensive but super cool Super Color and Crystal Series. But wait, there's more! Arino also checks out the Super Mario Bros. Game & Watch which was only available as a contest prize and as you can probably guess, it has a price to match its rarity.

The last TamaGe for the season also takes place in Bandai Namco headquarters and follows Arino as he peruses their archive of classic arcade games. Arino starts with the first Namco game ever, Gee Bee before having the privilege of playing a Gator Panic machine that still has a set of intact mallets.

  • Translated by: zari-gani
  • Timing by: Gutcruncher