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You Know It Is Serious When Cameraman Abe Has To Step In

Today Arino will take on Werewolf: The Last Warrior, or as the much cooler Japanese title calls it, Warwolf. It will be a massive challenge for Arino to clear all 5 stages and take out the evil Dr. Gordon, and he will be feeling the pressure with the expectant eyes on interns on him.

For today's TamaGe Arino is actually on his way to an Onsen where there are rumors of a celebrity appearance later that day. But until that person comes Arino will need to keep himself busy with classic games and a relaxing dip.

Arino will be busying himself putting together some Nintendo themes puzzles while he waits for his Yoshida Udon in Until The Udon Boils.

  • Translated by: Phosphorescent Skeleton
  • Proofed by: Kuishinbou
  • Subtitles by: Clov
  • Special Thanks to: Bean