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This Must Be Kibe's Doing

It took nine years but at long last Arino is challenging his first Sega Master System game, Alex Kidd In Miracle World. Alex Kidd was Sega's answer to Mario with some add twists to the traditional platformer likes vehicles and a store. Arino will soon discover for himself why Alex Kidd did not set the world alight and instead faded into obscurity.

Daikeien is an amusement park in Chiba as well as the destination for today's TamaGe. Obviously Arino heads straight for the arcade where he immediately spots his arcade nemesis before the crew head to the track for a round of go-karting.

The add-on featured in today's Project CX, Family BASIC, was one actually released by Nintendo themselves. It added the ability to program simply programs written in BASIC using the Famicom and Arino gets the chance to try his hand at this extremely laborious task.

  • Translated by: zari-gani.Timing by
  • Proofed by: Hirayuki