This episode guide is kept as up to date and as accurate as possible. Full episodes which have been licensed are not available on this website but non-challenge segments of said episodes are. You can also find episodes subbed by other groups on their respective websites by following the Subbed link.

U.S. version names or an English translation have been used where ever possible. If an episode has been subbed by multiple groups then our group's translation will take precedence.

Season 13

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# Title Subbed Group
101 Golgo 13: Top Secret Episode Yes Clover
102 Super Puyo Puyo Yes SA-GCCX
103 Koshien Yes SA-GCCX
104 GeGeGe Kitaro Yes SA-GCCX
105 Hokkaido Serial Murders Yes SA-GCCX
106 Yuji Horii Interview No None

Season 17

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# Title Subbed Group
157 The Magical Quest Starring Mickey Mouse Yes LC-GCCX
158 Power Pad: Jogging Race Yes SA-GCCX
159 The Adventures Of Tom Sawyer Yes SA-GCCX
160 Blaster Master Yes LC-GCCX
161 Derby Stallion Yes SA-GCCX
162 Donkey Kong Country 2 Part 1 Yes SA-GCCX
163 Donkey Kong Country 2 Part 2 Yes SA-GCCX
164 Donkey Kong Country 2 Part 3 Yes SA-GCCX
165 Dragon Ball Z: Super Fighting Story No None
166 Shadow Of The Ninja Yes SA-GCCX
167 Sky Kid Yes SA-GCCX
168 Yu Yu Hakusho: Sunset Fighters No None
169 Rocky Rodent Yes SA-GCCX
170 Aighina's Prophecy Part 1 No None
171 Aighina's Prophecy Part 2 No None
172 Documentary: Arino's Challenge In Budokan Yes SA-GCCX
173 Oishinbo: The Ultimate Menu Three-Course Showdown Yes SA-GCCX
174 Woody Poko No None
175 Nosferatu Part 1 Yes SA-GCCX
176 Nosferatu Part 2 Yes SA-GCCX

Season 18

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# Title Subbed Group
177 Tatsunoko Fighter Yes SA-GCCX
178 Mega Man X Part 1 Yes SA-GCCX
179 Mega Man X Part 2 Yes SA-GCCX
180 Hierarchy Of Murderous Intent: The Software House Serial Murders Yes SA-GCCX
181 Gunstar Heroes Yes SA-GCCX
182 The Greatest Warrior On Earth No None
183 Super Godzilla Yes GooseCanyon
184 Super Mario Land Yes SA-GCCX
185 Family Jockey Part 1 No None
186 Family Jockey Part 2 No None
187 Shadow Dancer: The Secret Of Shinobi Non None
188 Tensai Bakabon No None
189 Magic Sword Yes SA-GCCX
190 D Yes GooseCanyon
191 Crazy Climber Yes SA-GCCX
192 Bravoman No None
193 R-Type No None
194 Wizards & Warriors Yes LCxVRiS
195 Commando No None
196 The Mysterious Murasame Castle Yes GooseCanyon

Season 19

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# Title Subbed Group
197 I.Q.: Intelligent Qube Part 1 Yes SA-GCCX
198 I.Q.: Intelligent Qube Part 2 Yes SA-GCCX
199 Quiz Nanairo Dreams Yes SA-GCCX
200 All Japan Pro Wrestling No None
201 Ninja-Kun No None
201 Double Dragon No None
202 Ninja Kid 2 Part 1 No None
203 Ninja Kid 2 Part 2 No None
204 Murder At The Dragon Temple No None
205 Mole Mania No None
205 Mole Mania Yes GooseCanyon
206 Trojan No None
207 ESWAT No None
208 Restructuring Super Human Shubibinman 3 No None
209 Zelda II: The Adventure Of Link Part 1 Yes SA-GCCX
210 Zelda II: The Adventure Of Link Part 2 Yes SA-GCCX
211 Chase H.Q. Yes VRiSFAGS
212 Olivia's Mystery No None
213 China Warrior No None
213 China Warrior Yes GooseCanyon
214 Yume Penguin Monogatari Yes SA-GCCX
215 Seicross Yes SA-GCCX
216 Super Mario Land 2 Yes GooseCanyon

Season 20

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# Title Subbed Group
217 Ape Escape Part 1 No None
218 Ape Escape Part 2 No None
219 Rygar No None
220 Cho Aniki Part 1 No None
221 Cho Aniki Part 2 No None
222 Wagan Land 2 No None
223 Nonsense Theater No None
224 Wurm No None
225 Altered Beast Yes SA-GCCX
226 KiKi KaiKai No SA-GCCX
227 Somer Assault No None
228 Tomo-samas Ambition Quiz 2 No None
229 Cosmo Police Galivan No None
230 Clock Tower 2 Part 1 No None
231 Clock Tower 2 Part 2 No None
232 Code Name: Viper No None
233 F-Zero X Yes GooseCanyon
234 Pizza Pop! Yes SA-GCCX
235 Super C No None
236 Marchen Maze No None

Nintendo Channel

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# Title Subbed Group
1 Mega Man 9 No None
2 Virtual Console Sampler No None
3 Star Force Yes SA-GCCX
4 Downtown Special Yes SA-GCCX
5 Splatterhouse Yes SA-GCCX
6 Volfied No None
7 Super Mario Kart Yes SA-GCCX
8 Super Mario Bros. 3 No None
9 Super Metroid Yes LC-GCCX
10 Fire Emblem: Mystery Of The Emblem Yes LC-GCCX
11 Excitebike 3D Yes LC-GCCX
12 Xevious 3D No None
13 Donkey Kong No None
14 Star Fox 64 No None
15 Kirby Super Star Yes SA-GCCX
16 Kirby's Dream Collection No None
17 Iwata Asks: Balloon Fight Yes SA-GCCX
18 Balloon Fight Yes SA-GCCX
19 Fire Emblem: Mystery Of The Emblem Yes SA-GCCX
20 Earthbound Yes SA-GCCX
21 NES Remix Yes SA-GCCX
22 NES Remix 2 No None
23 Super Mario Maker Yes SA-GCCX

Season 21

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# Title Subbed Group
239 Densha De Go 64 Yes GooseCanyon
240 Un Jammer Lammy Yes SA-GCCX
249 Gekisha Boy Yes GooseCanyon
250 Dragon Quest Yes GooseCanyon
251 Dragon Quest Part 2 Yes GooseCanyon
253 It's Bazar De Gozarre's Game, If You Please Yes GooseCanyon

DVD Challenges

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# Title Subbed Group
1 Transformers: Mystery Of Convoy Yes TV-Nihon

GameCenter DX

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# Title Subbed Group
1 Yoshi's Woolly World Yes SA-GCCX

DVD Challenges

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# Title Subbed Group
2 Ikki Yes VR-GCCX
3 TwinBee No None
4 Bomberman Yes SA-GCCX
5 The Tower Of Druaga No None
6 Yie Air Kung Fu No None
7 Binary Land Yes SA-GCCX
8 City Connection No None
9 Spelunker No None
10 Die Hard Arcade Yes GooseCanyon
11 Revenge Against: The Legend Of The Mystical Ninja Yes VR-GCCX
12 Revenge Against: The Genji And The Heike Clans Yes VR-GCCX
13 Pooyan No None
14 Resident Evil: Director's Cut Yes GooseCanyon

Yoiko's Minecraft Survival Life Series 1

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# Title Subbed Group
1 Series 1 Yes Anonymous
2 Series 2 Yes Anonymous

Season 22

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# Title Subbed Group
270 Castlevania: Bloodlines Yes Goosecanyon

Season 23

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# Title Subbed Group
283 Athena Yes GooseCanyon
288 Werewolf: The Last Warrior Yes GooseCanyon
290 Space Channel 5 Yes GooseCanyon