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Masterpiece Is Subjective

Another licensed game with a questionable pedigree, it's Doraemon! Arino will try and get this time travelling cat over the finish line and improve his overall record when it comes to challenging Hudson games.

The first Game Center CX DVD box set recently went on sale and so we have a special report from the launch event. Arino, Tojima, Sasano and Urakawa were all in attendance to sign autographs and receive some gifts from the more ardent fans.

It's another game store visit this week as Arino and Tojima visit Messe Sanoh CHAOS. Together they sample their large selection of import games including The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction and God Of War, which Arino takes a shine to.

It's a classic hit from Super Mario Bros. for this week's Secret Trick Jet Stream.

  • Translated by: SA-GCCX