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Fire Breathing Palette Swap

The NES port of Namco's popular Dragon Buster is today's challenge. Arino will have to navigate twelve worlds filled with labyrinthine dungeons and dragons (obviously) in order to reach the ending.

It's the segment that comes but once a year, a visit to the Tokyo Game Show. At this year's show Arino was the host of a talk with game creators and made his usual visit to the Game Center CX booth to greet the crowd of fans.

Kibe comes bearing gifts in the new segment for season 12, A Waste Of Color. Each episode Kibe will share a few Game Boy games with Arino to try on the Super Game Boy. After playing each one Arino will choose which he thinks deserves a color remake and then draw what he imagines that would look like. First up is Super Mario Land, Bomber Boy and Heiankyo Alien.

  • Translated by: zari-gani