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Uniquely Space Western

It was only last season that Arino challenged the strange western game, Out Of This World, and now it's time for its spiritual successor, Flashback. Compared to Out Of This World, Flashback features more puzzles, a larger world to explore and unfortunately for Arino's challenge prospects, an increased emphasis on combat.

This week's TamaGe takes place in Taitou-ku where Arino visits a café based on a tip from a magazine. After finally locating the entrance he sits down with a Namco cocktail cabinet and enjoys some of the specials they have on offer.

Just when the wounds had begun to heal, Ring Ring Tactics returns in full force with a new game in tow. That game being the expert puzzler Championship Lode Runner which Arino will attempt to clear with assistance from the audience.

This season will also feature a very short segment known as The Xevious Observation Diary which will study the effects of leaving a copy of Xevious running forever with an invincibility code on.

  • Translated by: Nagoyan
  • Timing by: Gutcruncher