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Connaissez-vous Le Kacho?!

Il est de retour! After a long absence Arino has finally returned to France in order to attend the 14th annual Japan Expo in Paris. That can wait however as Arino first checks out the culture and gaming landscape of the capital.

Arino's first stop is, of course, an arcade packed with games both old and new. He soon gets bored flying solo and decides to challenge the crew to a game of Pac-man Battle Royale and a feat of strength.

As is tradition with overseas trips we're also treated to a full length challenge filmed back in Japan. Arino will be challenging Mario & Wario, a puzzle game that was only released in Japan. One might suspect that Arino would breeze through another puzzle game but there's something that makes this once special. It's controlled entirely with Nintendo's troublesome SNES mouse.

Next up is a well known video game store where Sega's European popularity in their early days is readily apparent. Arino and Inoko MAX get a crash course in the odd minutiae of the regional differences in video games and sample an infamous NES port of an arcade classic.

After filling up on local specialities it's time to hit the next game related spot, Neo Legend. This store houses a number of arcade parts and cabinets that Arino and Inoko MAX peruse before Arino and an employee throwdown in Data East's underappreciated Neo Geo game, Windjammers.

An amusement park on the outskirts of the city is next for the Chief and the crew. Once they arrive they all partake in prize games, rides and the food on offer but not before Arino gets a chance to try out his famous shooting range technique.

At last it's time for Arino's appearance at the Japan Expo but there's tension in the air. Has the show reached the people of France or will Arino be performing to empty seats?

And before you say anything, we're all well aware that Hergé is Belgium.

  • Translation and art by: zari-gani
  • Proofed by: Hirayuki
  • QA by: Gutcruncher