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Not Very Sexy As It Turns Out

Layla, an obscure game with misleading box art, is the subject of today's challenge. With only eight stages perhaps Arino will be able to see it through but he's had trouble with less in the past.

Today's TamaGe takes to the air when Arino takes a cable car to the top of Mount Nokogiri to visit the arcade at the summit. When he arrives Arino partakes in some pest eradication before ill-advisedly sharing a meal with Watanabe.

In a new segment for season 11, four members of the show's staff are given a life lesson by a priest based on the hidden teachings found in strategy guides. This convoluted setup has an equally impressive title, Everything Important In Life, I Learned From Video Game Guides, and the strategy guide for this episode belongs to Mother.

  • Translated by: zari-gani
  • Timing by: Gutcruncher