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A Ninja, A Knight, An Amazonian Warrior, A Wizard And Some Kid

Arino will be in for some classic arcade action when he takes on Capcom's Magic Sword. Consisting of 50 levels, the game finds our hero battling hordes of enemies as he journeys to the top of the tower to vanquish the dark lord Drokmar. Luckily Arino will be able to recruit a number of powerful warriors to fight alongside him. Oh, and Derek.

After drifting off into memory lane Arino can focus on the real task at hand, checking out a batting center for TamaGe. While appearing to be your typical Japanese batting center the main attraction at this location is several unique prize game created by the site's manager. That, and Hi-C.

It's time for another round of the segment of Game Center MSX, the segment that finally gives the system the attention it deserves. This time around Arino plays a game with a title more exciting than its gameplay in Butamaru Pants, and a game with perhaps a little too literal of a title title in Jump Coaster.

  • Translated by: Kakaricho
  • Timing by: Random Stranger
  • Proofed by: hirayuki