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Not So Itsy Bitsy Spider

As Arino's challenge of Mega Man X enters part 2 he must venture deep into the bowels of Sigma's fortress in order to defeat the big bad himself. Along the way Arino will to deal with all manner of robotic opponents and even relive a dramatic scene from his recent past.

Arino arrives at Asakusa Batting Stadium in style for the latest TamaGe. Given the decor it's fairly obvious the location is primarily for indoor batting cages which Arino will be able to enjoy after he's sampled their selection of games.

As a nice break from the intensity of the challenge we have another instalment of NES Box. This one picks right up where the last one left off with Arino continuing to enjoy Devil World.

  • Translated by: zari-gani
  • Timing by: Random Stranger
  • Proofed by: hirayuki