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Birds Are The Ninja's Only Natural Predator

While Arino may not initially be familiar with developer Natsume he won't soon forget the name after he challenges their stylish action game, Shadow Of The Ninja. Bearing a striking resemblance to a pair of Ninja themed action games that he previously challenged, Arino will be hoping that those similarities don't also extend to its difficulty if he hopes to notch another win for season 17.

It's a candy store TamaGe this time out as Arino visits Harada Market in Kawasaki. More than its limited selection of games, the store is known for its adorable elderly owner who isn't afraid to toot her own horn.

In the latest edition of Project: Game Version 3, Arino pays a visit to G.Rev HQ to see how things are progressing. After sitting down with President Maruyama he gets to see which, if any, of his proposed ideas have been included in the game.

  • Translated by: zari-gani