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The Gelatinous Blob Who Would Be King

Another of Game Freak's lesser known games is the subject of today's challenge when Arino slowly rolls his way to victory in Smart Ball. Will Arino be able to clear 8 stages and rescue the princess or will the curse afflicted Jerry Boy be stuck as a slime ball forever?

Jambo is an arcade situated near a railway station that's usually frequented by salary men but today Arino will be paying it a visit. Arino and Takahashi take their aggression out on the pitch in Pro Evolution Soccer before teaming up to shoot baddies in the latest Time Crisis release.

There's some more mental gymnastics in To Catch A Catch Copy as the guys try to identify which games had taglines about growing stronger with Mario, a reluctant hero and a hard but fun game.

  • Translated by: zari-gani