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Save Leon Kompowsky!

It is all happening in this episode of GameCenter CX as the longstanding ban on Dreamcast games is finally lifted allowing Arino to take on Space Channel 5. As Arino is well known for his rhythm skills, it should be easy for him and Space Reporter Ulala to save the galaxy from the evil Morolians.

We find Arino taking in the quiet atmosphere of a park at the outset of today's TamaGe before heading over to a local store. This store not only sells candy, has games but also makes Takoyaki and Okonomiyaki. After struggling with a few games, Arino heads inside to terrorize a couple of the local children.

While Arino is waiting for Kibe to prepare some Himi Udon he will have the chance to check out some Mario and Street Fighter themed collectible cards in Until the Udon Boils!

  • Translated by: Phosphorescent Skeleton
  • Proofed by: Kuishinbou
  • Subtitles by: Clov
  • Special Thanks to: Bean