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The Decisive Battle Between Heaven And Hell!

With his series record sitting at one loss and one win this battle will determine his fate as Arino takes on the hellish Super Ghouls 'N Ghosts! Fitting for the conclusion to the trilogy the game is filled with a myriad of hell beasts including the much reviled Red Arremer.

A one off report covers the happenings at a recent Fuji TV public event where Arino shows off Retro Game Challenge and challenges members of the public to a game of Street Fighter 2.

In Project: Game Version Arino and Kibe sift through fan submitted names for the princess in Haggleman as well as some fan art before we're treated to some new footage.

The follow-up to the Tabletop Series is the Panorama Game & Watch Series which used a unique screen setup to grab attention in an increasingly crowded handheld market.

  • Translated by: Nagoyan