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The Lesser Of Three Evils

Back down to earth after the highs of the previous episode in South Korea, Arino is presented with a difficult choice. He must choose between three licensed NES games for today's challenge and after sampling each he settles on the period action game, Sword Of Musashi.

This week's TamaGe was actually shot while the staff were still in Korea and features a gaggle of kids and a dodgy crane game. Deciding that maybe the odds of this particular prize game aren't in his favor, Arino just buys some snacks instead.

That's not the only Korean follow up as Arino and Kibe examine some of the more mysterious games that they purchased while abroad. Some questions are answered while new ones are raised in this puzzling segment.

The Project: Game Version segment for this episode shows Arino getting some hands on time with the game and also recording some sound bites for the in game characters.

The Game & Watch segment this week features the biggest of all the series, the Tabletops.

  • Translated by: zari-gani
  • Timing by: Gutcruncher