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Where's My Tiffany Quiz Game?

The quiz genre makes a triumphant return to the show with Yuuyu's Quiz De Go! Go! The eponymous Yuuyu was a popular teen idol during the 80s and 90s who also acts as the quiz master in the game. Will a group of adults be able to handle the precocious teenager or will Yuuyu leave them stumped?

For this TamaGe the staff pay a visit to one of the most famous locations in all of Tokyo, the Tokyo Tower. It houses an arcade on the fourth floor where Arino and Abe enjoy a high octane bike race.

We in Project: Game Version 2 that Retro Game Challenge 2 is making swift progress as Arino presents some game ideas and we get to see some footage from the upcoming game.

Finally, Arino decides to Sing Whatever The Hell You Want to the tunes of Dragon Quest, Final Fantasy and Gradius.

  • Translated by: Nagoyan