The SA-GCCX team was born out of a thread on the Something Awful forums with the sole purpose of making Game Center CX more easily accessible to an English speaking audience. That goal is central to our philosophy and even though the show is deeply rooted in Japanese video game and pop culture, we want it to be approachable for anyone who may be interested. Our typical approach to translation has been to prioritise popular episodes and ones featuring well liked games and we believe that this has helped to bring in a wider audience and spread its reach even further.

No member of the team had done anything like this before we started the project, and as we've dived in head first we have been learning and improving with each release. With more than two-thirds of the series having been translated by us since our formation we are well on our way to making the entire series available in English.

Special thanks to zari-gani, Random Stranger, flyboi and ShiroTheSniper for help with the site.